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Customer Pictures

These are pictures sent from some of the customers who completed the subwoofer enclosure projects from plans purchased from HazeltonSound.com

All plans are simple & designed for the novice wood worker, mainly to keep the cost down, while out-performing pre-fabricated enclosures.


This is Sean Legaspi's 98 Accord, of Ontario, California

Built from our dual 12" plans.

His entire install was done very quickly, he sent me the pictures with in days of getting the plans.

I love the box covering design pattern.

This is a very professional looking system.


12" Treo SSI Dual 4 ohm

2- Prefomance Teknique ICBM 9560/ 2400 watts max

1- Perfomance Teknique 4 Channel ICBM 775

2- Yellow Top Optima Batteries

This 4 -12" ported enclosure is for a

2003 Chevrolet Suburban.

The project was completed from our plans by

Delane of Miami, FL.


The first design like this was in the Jeep Commander on

the install gallery on the main page of this web site.

Delane says the box sounds great.


Great job Delane!

This 3-12" ported enclosure is for a

1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The project was completed from our plans by

John of Palm Bay, FL.

This 4 - 12" ported enclosure is for a

1996 Jeep Cherokee

The project was completed from our plans by

Rejino Schaefer of Eunice, LA.

The box was sprayed with truck bed liner when done.

He also added his own twist to the plans by putting

the highs on an angle across the top of the box.



I finished the box from the plans you sent me for the two 12’s for my Blazer. It hits hard!!! I haven’t even cranked it yet but from what I have heard so far thumbs up! All I have is a KICKER ZX 300.1 mono amp pushing 2 brand new 12” Infinity Reference subs. And the gain is just a little under half way turned up, and my deck I have the subwoofer @ +0 & the Bass @ 0 and it's still hitting! Before I had the sub turned up all the way to +15 with some old 10” subs. I was a little worried that I would have to upgrade to a ZX400.1 or ZX500.1 Kicker amp but not with this enclosure!

Well thanks again, If I ever need to build another one I’ll go through you again.
Steve Martinez, Pomona, CA

Steve's project was done using 3/4" Particle board, not MDF, and still sounds great. He got it done really quick too. He just bought the plans a few days ago!


2008 Mazda CX-7

4-12" Ported Enclosure Build from our plans,

Sits pretty tall in the trunk!

Very fast builder!

Sent the pics a few days after buying the plans.

Robert Valdez

Des Plaines, IL


Here are the pics of the finished box plans i bought from u mazda cx-7 let me know when u post them so i can check them out.

Thanks THIS BOX ROCKS!!!!!

Here is Vince Call's (of Houston TX)

Project for a 2000 Saturn SL Dual 12"

He added some bracing inside to make the box more ridged.

Awesome job, love to pics with work being done!

Waiting on the in-car pics yet.

ebay feedback comment:

One of the best designs for the Saturns it hits hard in my car.


This is from Derek Dudley From St. Joseph, MO

3 - 12" Ported box for a 1995 - 01 Explorer

Derek placed the 3-12" subwoofers in a straight line.

Looks like it was a store bought box, no store has that box!

Great job Derek!



Single 18" Mazda 3

hello I don't know if you remember me I had you design a box for 18in Treo sub wanted to let you know the box is awsome went to a stereo comp. and beat everybody there. a guy from JLaudio was doing the stereo comp.i metered 146.6db i only had 1250rms pushing it thanks alot for the design and will send pics when i get a chance and where would i send th pics to thanks again

3-12" Jeep Cherokee

This design is awsome I have 3 12" kicker comp 4
ohm, wired to 1 ohm on a 500 w max. amp they were
moving my nieghbors front window on negitive 7
bass and half volume. thank you for answering all
of my questions you are trully a good person thank
you. - XJKeith09-ebay


Please send in your pics of your Hazelton designed projects, I love to post them.

Pictures I am looking for:

Step by Step Process

Finished before carpet or covering

Finished & installed in vehicle

Posing with your project

Vehicle pictured by the "Welcome to" Sign of the city you are from.

Mix it up, combine a few in one picture!

My goal with this page is to make a gallery of each project, and a run down of the vehicle & customer.

I will also post any other info you may wish to have added.


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