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Hazelton Home Theater

Hidden Subwoofers


Hidden Subwoofers are made to appear as furniture, the front drawer is false

(the handle is only for appearance).


These enclosures are made of 3/4 inch MDF material. The construction is glued and screwed together (not stapled or nailed).  stainless steel feet hold the enclosure off the floor, using hollow tube, to penatrate carpet, for solid footing on the flooring.  The design uses a single chamber with dual ports or single slot port.

HSE-112 12" endtable subwoofer $675
HSE-112A 12" 150 watt amplified $975
HSE-210 2 10" endtable subwoofer $775
HSE-210A 2 10" 150 watt amplified $1075

Real endtables, look like the above endtables, without speakers and with real drawers

HSE-012 Same as 112 & 112A, empty $375
HSE-010 Same as 210 & 210A, empty $475

In-floor Subwoofer Enclosures
Subwoofer Enclosure is mounted in basement ceiling, under home theater room, firing through a false cold air return, or heat vent. Self-powered with a mono plate amplifier.

Small Home Theater or Computer

Amplified Subwoofers

10 inch & 12 inch amplified subwoofers

10 inch 150 watt  11 inch square enclosure - $299.99

12 inch 150 watt  13 inch square enclosure - $329.99

Located in

Metro-Milwaukee, WI



Email: hazelton@hazeltonsound.com